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Monday, July 24, 2006

Brinjal masala curry

Brinjal masala curry
1. Take ½ kg. Fresh medium size Brinjals wash it keep a side.
2. Take a big size onion cut in pieces and fry in1tea spoon oil with brown colour stir in grinder like a paste keep a side.
3. Take 20 grams ground nuts fry with out oil after cool ,put in grinder mix like powder
Keep a side
4. Take small piece of ginger, small garlic , 3nos cloves, 3nos cardamams, 1 piece of Dalchini, and ½ tea spoon of cumin seeds, 1 tea spoon of salt, 1 spoon of Red chilly powder along with all these add ground nut powder againe mix in grinder as a paste, add onion paste whole thing keep a side.
5. Take all Brinjals put a big hole take small quantity on the paste put that in each Brinjal whole quantity keep in all Brinjals then take a bowl put 7 spoons of oil boil some time later keep all brinjals in that bowl fry it very carefully at that time stove must be in sim position .At lest fry 15 min. don’t put cap on that bowl after frying it must be in thick brown colour, now it is ready for eat
6. It is very taste with Rice and Roti.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Potattoes Kurma

1. Take ½ k.g. Potatoes wash it , cut in pieces, take a bowl pour water put 1 tea spoon salt in that water, all Potatot pieces dip in that water and boil all pieces take out all pieces keep a side.

2. Take one big onion , 2 chilly cut in pieces, keep a side.

3. Take small piece of Ginger , 1 Garlic, 1 spoon cumin seeds, 2 spoon poppy seeds, 5 nos cloves, 5nos cardamom , and 1 piece of Dalchini , these things must be grind it as paste , keep a side.

4. Take a bowl pour 6 spoon of oil boil 1 min , later keep all onion and chilly in that oil fry 3min, then keep all the above paste in bowl fry as a brown colour , next put 1 spoon red chilly powder, fry again put ½ spoon salt in that later keep all Potato pieces in that bowl fry it 3 min while frying all these material take care, then keep ½ cup of Curd in that put of stove . Now it is ready to eat. It is delicious curry for Rice and Roti.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fish curry (South Indian Ap)

1) Take 1kg fish, wash it thoroughly, add 1-teaspoon raw salt and keep a side for 20 min.

2) Take 2 teaspoons tamarind paste dilute in water and boil for 2 minutes keep a side.

3) Take 2 tomatoes, boil and take off skin of tomatoes and make a paste keep a side.

4) Take one big onion, 2 chilies cut in pieces and keep a side

5) Take 20 grams of ginger, one medium single garlick, 1-tea spoon cumin seeds, 3 cloves, 3 cardamoms, make a paste.

6) Take one bowl add 10-tea spoons oil, boil for 1 min. In that onions, chillys fry 3mins add the above paste fry for sometime, later add tamarind paste water and tomato paste. Add 1 ½ teaspoon red chilly powder, 1-teaspoon salt and boil for some time.

7) Take fish smoothly squeeze with hand all pieces, remove the remaining salt water, put in that boiled soup and cook for 20 min in sim position of stove. Then put off stove and add some spinach leaves (Kotthimeera) in that.

If necessary add salt and serve. it is very taste with rice and roti

:: Chicken Fry (South Indian Ap) ::

Chicken fry

1) Take one kg chicken; don’t cut pieces whole bird and wash it two times with fresh water. Later just put in deep scratches on the chicken, keep a side.

2) Take 20 grams ginger one medium size garlic and 3 no cleaves, 3 no cardamam,3 cashew nuts ,1-teaspoon cumin seeds, make a paste add 1 tea spoon salt. And 1 tea spoon red chilly powder

3) Take 3 tea spoons oil in that oil in that oil the above paste add and mix it thoroughly total paste apply carefully to that chicken bird a, later keep in Owen and cook, take off out side, serve for food, it is a delicious food

:: Chicken curry ( South Indian Ap) ::

Chicken curry (South India Ap)

1) Take one 1Kg chicken cut in medium pieces and wash two times with fresh water keep a side

2) Take 20 grams ginger, 1 medium size garlic, 2 tea spoons cumin seeds (zeera), make a paste in grinder, keep a side

3) Take one big onion and 2 big chilly cut in pieces

4) Take one big bowl. Put on stove, pour 10 teaspoons oil. Just boil after that keep chicken in oil and fry 5 min. next add one tea spoon salt and small quantities of turmeric powder and fry it next add onion and chilly pieces in that and fry it later add ginger and garlic paste, again fry next add 2 teaspoons red chilly powder and fry whole chicken. If it necessary add small quantity of salt pour one glass of water (this is for Gravy), put in cooker, boil in 10 min. later take of cap (after cooling-cooker). Add spinach leave and serve.

(South Indian chicken curry, its very taste and along with Rice and roti)



1) Take 50 grams of tuvardal (kandhipappu), wash it, pour 1:2 ratio water and keep aside

2) Take one big size tomato and big chilly, cut it and put in Dal keep in cooker and cook well, keep a side

3) Take one spoon Tamarind paste and dilute in water keep aside. Take one medium size onion, 3 ladiesfinger, one drumstic, and 1 carrot, 1-brinzal cut in medium size pieces keep aside

4)Take one Bowl put in 6-tea spoons oil. One small teaspoon Udaadal (minappapu). Rayee(small avaalu), geera 5 layer ½ garlic, red chilly 2nos.all are in put in boiled oil after 2 minutes. All vegetables put in that and fry 3mins, add 1 tea spoon salt again fry it. Later pour tamarind water and boil some time after that add cooked Dal add ½ teaspoon red chilly powder and small aavaalu. Turmeric powder and add corender(karivepaaku) leaves and add 1-teaspoon daniya powder. After that boil some time and put off stove.

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